From the Diary of Students (part VII – English version)

Autor: RNDr. Jaroslav Kocman <kocman(at)>, Téma: Projekt Finsko, Vydáno dne: 14. 11. 2007

One of the first thing, that surprised me, was the method of ”changing one’s shoes”. What kind of habit is it to walk at school (and not only at school) just in the woolsocks?

One of the first thing, that surprised me, was the method of ”changing one’s shoes”. What kind of habit is it to walk at school (and not only at school) just in the woolsocks? A little bit impractical and dangerous way, but on the other side it makes methink over this usual thing, which the socks surley are… It is interesting watching at the students, who are going at the corridirs and everybody have their own trick, how to move, due to the types of their ”footwear”. I thing that we can create the typology according this…
Markéta Hájková

It took up me thinks, which are bow to matter of fact in this country.
At least i think:
- they don´t stop on zebra crossing, they needn't
- even if they have a insurance, they pay for hospital much money (that is why they haven´t insurance very often)
- in some car park they have a car battery charging
- in school they wear and shed for ever
- they have expensive urban transportation
Tomáš Šťastník

During one of the Finish lesson (which lasts 75 minutes) :
The silence...the students are quiet, their teacher's looking round scary whom he's trying out and which of Finish Poors he's sparing from his embarrassing getting nowhere fast before the blackboard... This depressed feeling has beared on me too, I have started to  huddle under my bank and I have looked for a shelter in its internals.
This is my experience from the Finish history which I could visit. I think that you can find a few teachers in every school who are similar and it is no problem, if you are just now near Arctic Circle or you are sitting with crossed legs on the ground and you are writing with a chalk on a small plate.
Tereza Fujáková

To be honest I don´t know where shall I begin. It¨s a little bit strange but though the temperatures are quite low "ZMRZLINA" is one of the most frequent word. It appeared also manytimes on the finnish blackboards would say. Simply the Finnishpeople aren`t able to read it at all.- and if you add also some czech jawcracker as "Vlk zhlt hrst chrp" so they just tell you that they often overplay us in many ice - hockey matches.
If somebody asks me what my favourite cuisine is, so i¨ll answer - the Finnish. Have you ever eaten the moose ham?
Marta Cicálková

A teleport of 22 Czech students and 3 Czech teachers from H.B. to Savonlinna was succesful. Stop. Finnishmen are nice and quite talkative. Stop. There is a higher level of living, in general. Stop. Maybe they watch on television a lot. Stop. And they don't switch off the light at all. Stop. My Finnish partner Sini goes to school at 9.30 am. Stop. Oh, God. Stop. Their school is very fine. Stop. They have a cool system. Stop. And what's more. Stop. The food is free of charge. Stop. I
want it, too. Stop. PS.: We had very funny dancing lesson today. Stop.
Tereza Stejskalová

I have experienced two school hours wit my host Maija during my staying here. I was surprised with the lenght of lessons because 75 minutes, comparing to our 45 minutes, is a too much. I wouldn't probably be able to pay attention so long. In an English lesson we listened to a story about Buddhist's temples within a topicreligion. Medial equipment was very modern so I was able to listen without any problems of hearing. I think that is a problem in our language lessons.
Martina Voháňková
Very interesting are here walking in the night (exactly running) with the light nd reflection tape on the arm. Already I was participant.
A acumen from dancing: The dancing only in the sock is dificult. I don´t understand, how can they there something educate.
Zuzana Jonášová

So, I have got an experience about some kind of expensivity, I think that I´ve never been to more expensive country. On the other side everything here is quite nice - especially the nature here is so beautiful. I also noticed, there is no  square in Savonlinna. The shops are situated along the street.
Kristina Raková

The first thing I saw was that everyone walks very very fast, they nearly run. It's said not to freeze to death.  The second thing: they don't have any curtains and the windows in the night are like shop windows  The third thing: they don't eat so much and drink more less.  The fourth thing:with sauce, pasta and meat they eat slice of bread with butter and drink milk  The fifth thing: Mister Kocman is great dancer:)
Jana Miřátská

I`ve got these experience from Finish school: I was suprised that Finish students don`t know each other so well. Maybe because of they don`t have permanent classes. Girls and boys do not talk to each other and they are not able to communicate. One big advantage is system of eating here in cantine (and I think that is not only my experience :). I enjoyed dancing very much. Finish boys were realy funny, because they were shocked by us, czech girls from czech dancing schools. I was laughing all that time and I am looking forward to teaching Finish students our favourite dance La colita!! :)
Eva Paulusová

I was in one lesson of math and I have to say, that it was a bit different from Czech Republic. Pupils come to the blackboard by theyselves to show their homework and what is more, they call the teacher his first name. But anyway somebody time to time turn and ask his friend what is the result of counting or what is today lunch. :-)
I really liked today dancing, we learned a few finnish dances, most I liked the dance  when I was in a place of boy, because there were a lot of girls...
Martina Mičková